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This one had funny sounds and physical comedy as well as verbal, but I'll try and recreate it.

Adelaide Airport. Mum and I had just got off a plane and were walking up one of those ramps. A small girl (three-ish?) and her mother were standing behind the glass bit, waiting for the girl's father.

Girl: Daddy's a hairy-plane!
Mum (enunciating very very clearly): Yes, Daddy is on an air-oh-plane.
Girl (exasperated): No, Daddy is a hairy-plane. And he goes (she spreads her arms out and runs around flapping them) WHEEEEEEOOOOOOOOBOOOOMPHSH! (she throws herself to the ground in imitation of a plane crash, then looks at her mother with a big grin) And they all DIE!

This community is so dead. :(

In The Zoo

Lady, reading the sign on the Fat Tailed Dunnart.

"This is a fat tailed doughnut..."

(ie totally mispronouncing)

From Overheard In New York site.

How You Know This Wasn't Overheard in New York

Red-faced man, shouting furiously into cell: Now you listen to me you... (sees small children nearby) pluck-arsed parrot.

Gouger Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Dish hand: Did you fuck it all up again, chef?
Chef: Sure did.
Dish hand: You do this every fucking shift.
Chef: Yeah, but my wife's hot.
Dish hand: That is not a valid defense!

Gotta Watch Your Bacchantes Every Minute

Man: So, like, an hour later I found them -- finally -- dancing around in a little circle for some drunk guy!
Rundle Street
Two probably 11 or 12 year old girls on the bus, sitting just in front of the concertina section. They're making stupid animal/random noises at each other.

Girl to the other: And the *really* funny thing about this is, no one can hear us!!

Two Girls On The Bus

One, to the other: Just hold her legs in the air!
I was on King William Road this morning, at about 8am, and I was waiting at a stoplight when I heard this little gem from a man and a woman, both middle-aged. I didn't hear the whole conversation, but this bit made me laugh.

Man (sounding incredulous and like he's about to laugh): Is there a little intelligent gnome in your telly?
Woman (sounding matter-of-fact) The telly and the camera...

The things you hear..

I was in the central market tonight, my house mate was buying coffee when someone walked behind where I was standing telling the person they were walking with:

"I know when I'm naked."
[we were at the Fringe Festival's 'Garden of Unearthly Delights']

[man on phone behind me]: Yeah, I'm in the hotel. That's just the tv.

The Train Is Falling

One the train from the city.

Dad is explaining something his son would never understand.
4-5 year old son: The train is going to fall right over to those trees

: | crap...lol

Get any lamer?

Tonight at Foodland at Hallet Cove.

Some guy working at Foodland to a co-worker: "Make like a tree and leave"

...i'm sorry, i am also ashamed at the lameness of Adelaide :( lol