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 Wow, this place is quiet.

While clearing their table at work..
Old woman: People just see Miley Cyrus as that girl that sings.
Old man: She's Hannah Montana too, right?
Old woman: Exactly! Exactly.

On the bus, in the city

Woman 1: [something I missed - I think she gave Woman 2 her bus seat]...I have to get off soon anyway.
Woman 2: [with a smirk and an eyebrow-raise] Oh, I bet you do!

This place seems very quiet recently.

rundle mall...

fat man: yeah, it was like she was going to chop me into pieces and cook me into a curry
his friend: ...could have fed a lot of people...

fringe opening

Friday 27th February

Girl in line at the Garden of Unearthly delights: We're like sheep in a cattle trough! I mean cattle yard!

Two drunk men walking past ayers house:
Drunk Man 1: I went to a wedding there once
Drunk Man 2: Yeah me too.
Drunk Man 1: Who's wedding was it?
Drunk Man 2: Mine
Drunk Man 1: Who'd you get married to?
Drunk Man 2: *laughs snorts* my dog!
Drunk Man 1 and 2: *laugh laugh snort snort laugh*

we thought it was funny anyway..

Handbags and eating in the car

Friday 20th @ Woolworths Marion (at my register)

11? year old boy tries handing his mums handbag back to her while she puts her groceries on the conveyer belt
Mum to son: Just hold onto it
(i pissed myself laughing, that totally made my long shift worth it)

Today @ Maccas in Marion

Wife to her husband: Do you want to eat it in the car or here?
Husband (who is like in his 50's?): I don't want to eat in the car! You know I don't like eating in the car!

:) she totally should have gotten him a happy meal instead

I went on a school trip today ... so a bunch of 5 year olds going to a wildlife park ...

As we pulled into the carpark - you could hear the kids

"Look there's a Kangaroo"
"Look there's a Koala"
"Look there's an Emo"

Well I thought it was funny :D


At the Zombie Walk a while back...

Everyone: Braaaaaiinnnssss (etc)
Kid: Ooo, Toys R Us!
Kid 2: ... Zombiiieeeesss arreeee uuuussssss

Needs setting up, but...

At my local chemist, the anti-stealing scanny thingummies at the door have advertisements on them. At the moment, they have a beautiful, slender, curvaceous, half-naked woman advertising stockings. There is a picture of her on both of the thingies.

2 small boys (aged about six or seven) were there at the same time I was. One of them was outside the store; the other was standing in front of the door, in between the sensor thing with the ads.

Boy outside: You're in the sexy lady shop!

Just in case...

This happened about a week ago (i kept forgetting to post it) at Woolworths in Marion...

Wife (to husband): So where did you park?
Husband: Near Bunnings
Wife: Why do you always park there?
Husband: Just in case I need to go into Bunnings

Because you know, just a safety precaution when going out for men :)

Very true

I was waiting for my bus today just opposite target in town and a small group of business men walked past, one turned to his co-worker and said "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your colleagues."

Struck me how true that is.